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Wooden Cartoon Dog Planter | Garden & Flower

Wooden Cartoon Dog Planter | Garden & Flower

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1. Durable Material: This flower pot is made of high quality and has a clean modern glazed appearance to ensure that your plants stay healthy and thrive. Our small plant pots will be delivered to your home in the best condition.
2. Easy to Clean: These lovely plant pots are glazed inside and out, making cleaning easily.
3. Suitable for Home Decoration: These cute animal flower pots have a minimalist design and can be easily matched with any indoor or outdoor decoration theme.
4. Wide Range of Uses: These succulent plant pots can not only be used as small pots for succulents and other small plants (such as cacti, herbs, and even artificial plants)

2.Material: sturdy signs, etc.
3.Most plants can be grown, and the entire planter is included in this list.
4.This flowerpot is hand-painted, so each flowerpot is slightly different and may not exactly match the online photos.
5.This hand-made and hand-detailed dog planter is the perfect addition to any dog-loving home!

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