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The Ultimate Infrared/Night Vision Binoculars | 2K Resolution | Waterproof | 435 Yards Max | +32GB Storage

The Ultimate Infrared/Night Vision Binoculars | 2K Resolution | Waterproof | 435 Yards Max | +32GB Storage

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All-In-One NV Binoculars

Solutiverse's Infrared Binoculars binoculars were designed to offer a complete viewing experience with a variety of features. 2048P photo-taking and recording functions, video playback, 7 levels of infrared adjustment, and a 4x digital zoom means you'll have a field of vision that's unmatched by the competition.

The best equipment for your night adventure

Made with high-quality materials to provide you with the best optical performance. With the use of specially designed lenses, these binoculars offer brighter images and clearer depths, even in low light conditions. Whether you want to capture the joy of a starry night sky or observe wildlife during night this goggles are the best you can get.

7 Gear Adjustable IR — Day and Night Use

Nightclubs, camping, concerts, hunting. You name it. These binoculars are great for any activity that requires you to see in the dark! Solutiverse's Infrared Binoculars give you the best view of any subject, no matter how dark it is.

There are 7 unique IR modes on 850NM IR illumination so that you can adjust the visibility of the subject to satisfy the needs of different levels of light. Even in fully dark condition, the CMOS image sensor can present the clear image up to 400m (1312ft).

IP54 Waterproof

You never know what you're going to get out there, and Solutiverse's Infrared Binoculars are the best choice to prepare for anything. With a built-in 850NM night vision mode, waterproofing, and durable, fog-resistant design, your field of view is going to be unlike anything else.

High-Performance Night Vision

  • Press "IR UP" button to increase the brightness up to the result you would prefer, the max level is "7"
  • Press "IR Down" to decrease the brightness. The higher the infrared light gear is adjusted, the farther and clearer the observation is.

Connect to PC

With these binocular night vision goggles, you'll never miss out on anything! With a 32G memory card and USB cable enclosed, you can record images and videos with high pixels while at night. It's perfect for your security needs.

Digital Night Vision Goggles

High-performance digital night vision device that sees 6x magnification clearly in the dark, 4x digital zoom, and 25mm objective aperture, can take photos in the dark (2048 * 1536 pixels) and 1920 * 1080 @ 30fps video.

Manual Focus by Rotating the Wheel

When it comes to getting a close-up view of all your favorite things, Solutiverse's Infrared Binoculars provide the sharpest image.

These Infrared Binoculars work like our eyes. Rotate to the left to focus on the farther targets, and to the right to focus on closer targets. You've got it all under control!

Super Long Battery Life

2 in 1 charging method. Don't let the battery stop your adventure, this night vision device can be used for at least 6 hours when the night vision infrared function is turned on, and at least 20 hours when the infrared function is turned off during the day.

Night Vision Goggles in Different Scenarios


The Solutiverse's Infrared Binoculars are your ideal equipment, whether for expeditions or investigations. Bring a night vision binocular with an infrared illuminator to see the night sky or use it for hunting at night. You can also use it during your outdoor camping trips, exploring caves, night fishing, and bird watching. What will you discover?

Package Includes

  • (1) x Night Vision Binoculars 2K
  • (1) x USB Cable
  • (1) x Bag
  • (1) x Cleaning Cloth
  • (1) x Neck Strap
  • (1) x User Manual
  • (1) x 32g TF Card
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