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TruSageQ7 | Professional Home Full Body Massage Chair

TruSageQ7 | Professional Home Full Body Massage Chair

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Start automatic mode C for deep sleep

Let you feel like the cradle of childhood carefree

Zero gravity massage chair to create a sense of weightlessness outside the space, the light feeling makes people in a state of extreme relaxation, release the pressure of the human body, let people enjoy the relaxed feeling of the whole body.

Capsule body wrap design Master massage luxury experience

As the high-end of intelligent massage chair series

Equipped with multi-functional full-range massage mode

Royal Thai stretch, mutiple airbags, zero gravity mode

Bluetooth audio immersive massage experience

Lie on that moment, from now on linger

Let there be no white space for comfort


Super long double SL body - ftting walking track, from neck to legs

Covering massage allows multiple parts to enjoy a comfortable massage

140cm long S+L fits the curved track

Fith generation
Pay attention to neck and shoulder pressure
Point massage
Walking up and down


Capsule cloud hood

Capsule curved head hood design


SL type space curved orbit Ultra-long 140cm massage guide rail

From shoulder massage to buttocks super long massage range of 140cm
Intelligent detection positioning shoulder precise customized massage track

* Hip rubbing top Loosen the coccygeal vertebra
* The waist jacking Stretching the waist
* The back stretch Relax the spine
* The neck kneading Care for neck

L - massage stroke extends to waist and hips

S - depth fits the dorsal curve

SL space bend as one of the characteristic technology massage chair rail, card slot transmission Sorbit, the bearing parts of the body, from the cervical vertebra to push tail bone extends to the seat and legs, according to different precision ground take human body acupuncture point, each detail into the human body, the 360 - degree massage, can let the body every inch and every acupoint can enjoy deep massage effect.

Humanoid hand feeling 4 great massage techniques

Simulates the real person to massage the hand,two kinds of manipulations simultaneously carries on

1. Kneading type
-  Spin and knead slowly

2. Refers to the pressure type
-  Go deep into the

3. Roll scraping type
-  Roll and shave shoulders
relax neck fatigue

4. Massage type
-  Scrape back and massage to relieve pressure and fatigue


Royal Thai stretch Improve blood circulation

 Mock royal Thai massage Move joints and promote blood circulation

1. The back stretch
2. The leg extension
3. Shoulder kneading
4. Thai top back


Wave air massage 4 heavy air bag kneading experience

A wave of massage, as of the waves against the body Pinch and twist to relax deeply

Knead airbags on shoulders
Clip shoulder extrusion Stretch your shoulders and arms

Leg bag
360 dgrees pcakage Atemate lini adknedin

Deep V airbags in arms
Pulse air massage Relax the arm muscles

Lumbar hip air sac
Wing type lumbar air bag Fully support the spine Fll-piece thigh air bag


A large area of thermostatic hot compress on the back

Built-in carbon fiber infrared heating device, suitable for the constant temperature of human body

From the inside out, reduce the impact of cold and moisture on the human body

Simulate the body heat after exerise, giving the body a more comfortable feeling

The most comfortable somatosensory temperature is 45-50


Two-stage zero-gravity mode

Free from gravity, such as floating in space, massage is more comfortable

Zero gravity 1
Lift the whole body off the ground More comfortable Angle than traditional massage

Zero gravity 2
Zero gravity state Lie back for a deeper massage

The details show

# Selected ecological skin
# Atmospheric metal Logo
# Soft head pillow
# Retractable legs


Remote control overview

Back knead button | Back push button

Air bag force adjustment key
Time setting key
Massage intensity adjustment key

Waist knead key | Waist massage key

Automatic mode key

Airbag key
Automatic air bag key
Back up and down adjustment key

Leg balloon key | Shoulder balloon key

Switch power/pause button
Zero gravity key
Add hot keys

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