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TowelBar180 | Multi Rotating ArmTowel Rack

TowelBar180 | Multi Rotating ArmTowel Rack

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4 Arm Rotating Stainless Bar BathroomTowel Hanger Rack

We know that organizing your bathroom towels can sometimes be frustrating. That is why we have designed neat bathroom towel racks that can neatly organize all your towels, keeping them within easy reach.

To allow numerous towels without overlapping, the towel rack's arms can be rotated 180 degrees. This allows air to circulate freely around each towel, allowing it to dry fast.

The towel rack is also made of 304 stainless steel, making it sturdy enough to hold four wet towels without breaking. The towel drying racks are wall-mounted, so they take up less room in your bathroom.

What's more, the extended metal claw on this bathroom towel holder allows you to hang extra small bathing goods like shirts, brushes, sponges, and more!



SPACE SAVER - Stop throwing your used towels across the home or hanging them up at random! By installing this wall-mounted towel rack in your bathroom, you will have a much more organized room and save even more space!

STURDY AND DURABLE - Our towel drying rack is guaranteed not to rust or corrode and can handle everyday use, even if towels are hung on it frequently.

EASY TO INSTALL - This bathroom towel rack is simple to install; with just a little time and the right equipment, you'll have a wall-mounted towel rack shelf in no time!


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Black: 12" long
  • Plated: 14" long
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