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Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug | Novelty Gift | Ceramic

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug | Novelty Gift | Ceramic

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Sipping hot coffee from regular mugs every morning is boring, right? Yes, strong morning coffee wakes you up, but you know what another thing that can help you freshly start your day (especially Monday) is? This right here, funny Toilet Coffee Mug.

So, drink up your beverages now from this ceramic toilet mug that is guaranteed to crack a smile. It may be gross for the viewer, but they will get the hilarious touch of it eventually.

The toilet shaped mug serves to be a great funny gift. Just one thing, make sure you flush it out between every refill. :p 

  • Uplifted coffee drinking experience: The toilet bowl mug holds 300 ml of your favorite coffee or tea and provides a completely transformed drinking experience. The handle sits just below the toilet seat tank while the liquid comes in the bowl portion.
  • An immediate conversation starter: One wouldn’t remain silent when he/she sees you drinking or eating something from this toilet bowl coffee mug. Amaze your guests or friends at the homecoming party or birthday celebration.
  • A gag gift: It serves to be an excellent gag gift for your partners in crime.
  • Perfect for pranks: The big mouth toilet mug is an ideal silly present to get your little one’s birthday. Or, surprise your best friend with this to earn a series of laughter and make hilarious memories. :p
  • Multipurpose: Our toilet bowl mugs can be filled with cookies, candies, tea, coffee, ice cream, dessert, and literally anything you want to.
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