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Car Rear & Backup Camera

Car Rear & Backup Camera

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Are you tired of being unable to park in tight spots because you have no rear visibility? Would you like to try a smart and affordable solution that will once and for all change the way you check your rearview? Well, you're in luck. We may just have the perfect item for you!

These great car reverse cameras are manufactured using nothing but the best materials, production techniques, and technical designs. They are water-resistant and shockproof. Included in your car rear camera kit is an extra-long 8.2ft camera power line, 23 ft RCA cable, and detailed instruction schematics that show you exactly how to connect and set up your new back camera car.


  • AHD 1080P Image Introduce AHD 1080P Technology: Backup camera has super large AHD 1080P screen. Digital High definition Image Processor would offer Vivid picture with true color help us drive the car safely. Stable wired signal, no delays or signal drops.
  • Amazing Imagining Effect: This reversing camera will provide you with high definition high-resolution and lifelike images.
  • Waterproof & Fog Resistant: Thanks to its rugged and tight construction, this backup camera is completely waterproof and won't fog up after a car wash or in the rain, ensuring you can drive easily in any weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Wire connection is very simple, if your monitor has a detection cable, then you will need to connect the trigger wires on the video cable. Suspension mounted reversing camera.
  • Mini Shockproof Reversing Camera: The back up camera is very small, its shell is made of high quality zinc alloy, shining, shockproof and stainless.
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