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Tactical Heavy Duty Gloves | Driving, Construction, Sports, Hunting and More

Tactical Heavy Duty Gloves | Driving, Construction, Sports, Hunting and More

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Tough on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

The Tactical Gloves are made of durable material with a soft interior for the ultimate protection. With these gloves on, you'll be able to have a much more enjoyable time playing your favorite sport.

  • Impact resistance
  • Effectively reduces impact and abrasion
  • Avoids accidental injuries in outdoor sports.

Protect Your Hands and Keep Them Cool

Working in the heat? Protect your hands with Tactical Gloves. Not only are they made of quick-drying material and sweat-wicking material, they also have vents that work to keep you cool and prevent heat exhaustion.

The Next Generation of Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves are the next generation of tactical gloves. With improved hook and loop, increased durability, and increased service life, tactical gloves are the perfect tactical gear for soldiers in the field.


The best in safety and comfort

Whether you are at work, at home, or at the gym, Tactical Gloves will be there to protect you! Made of durable silicone with a 3-layer design, you can feel confident as you enjoy your favorite activities.


Low Cost, High Quality

Tactical Gloves are the perfect choice for you! The quality is unmatched and the cost is unbeatable. Order now to get a high-quality low-cost product.



  • Material: Microfiber, Nylon
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Green, Black, Brown
  • Weight: 190g

NB**: The middle finger length of the full finger gloves

S: 8.0 cm, M: 8.2 cm, L: 8.5 cm, XL: 8.8 cm

Error Range: + / - 0.3 cm


Size Chart - A16 gloves size chart

The gloves are made of leather, and all five fingers can touch the screen. The touch feedback is very sensitive. This is because the glove has a special treatment on the finger part, and it can smoothly unlock the screen and answer the phone in daily use.

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