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Speaker Lightbulb | Bluetooth | Color & Music | RGB LED

Speaker Lightbulb | Bluetooth | Color & Music | RGB LED

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Great for Entertaining or Just Working Around the House

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED light & Music player
  • Shines with multi-colored lights while playing music
  • Voltage: 100-240V, LED power & RGB power 12 W
  • 4.0 wireless version, A2DP configuration
  • 33 ft frequency area

This bulb combines an energy efficient, smart, LED light bulb and a powerful Bluetooth speaker. It allows you to personalize your lighting from your smartphone. This magical, LED, multi-color bulb provides you with endless lighting possibilities, helping you get creative while personalizing your lighting to suit your lifestyle.

This Magic Bulb also features a powerful Bluetooth speaker, with excellent sound quality, that fills any room with rich audio. The speaker pairs instantly with Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, letting you send your favorite songs, wirelessly, to the speaker. Play music from any source such as Youtube, Pandora, Spotify etc.

  • Personalize your lighting from your smartphone to suit your mood
  • Select from multiple colors
  • Turn any light socket in your house into a Bluetooth speaker
  • Play music from any source - Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, etc. through the speaker
  • 3-watt speaker delivers precise highs and crisp clear sounds with deep bass.
  • Works with iPhone, iPad and Android phones
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