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Solar & Hand-Crank Belt Buckle Emergency Flashlight | LED

Solar & Hand-Crank Belt Buckle Emergency Flashlight | LED

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  • This flashlight never needs batteries, you can charge it by cranking its charging lever
  • It is also a solar-powered flashlight
  • It has high energy conversion; One minute of cranking gives you 10 minutes-worth of light

Crank Flashlight Mini Emergency Light

Emergencies and calamities come like thieves in the night. Sometimes, they come without warning and signs that’s why the best thing we can do is to always prepare for the worst. It is ideal for every home to have their own emergency kit. This kit can be a makeshift bag where you place basic items like canned goods, cup noodles, extra clothes, first aid kit, extra cash, and some important documents. And of course, do not forget to bring this crank flashlight with you. This flashlight is especially for emergencies. It does not have an external battery. Instead, you charge it by cranking the lever. Aside from that, it also has a built-in solar panel so you can also use the sun to charge this flashlight. This flashlight has a carabiner clip that you can easily clip on your pants or in your bag.

Outdoor Use

Outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing, and fishing are relaxing and fun. However, the downside is that you have very limited access to your basic needs like electricity, food, water, and shelter. That is why when packing for an outdoor trip, you need to have the right tools with you. With the right tools that you bring with you, you can maximize the limited resources that you have. This flashlight never needs batteries. So, you can always carry it with you and just recharge it with your hands, or you can also use its solar panel charger. Now, you will never run out of power, thanks to this crank flashlight!

Efficient Charging

One minute of hand cranking will give you enough energy to keep the flashlight on for 10 minutes. This means that six minutes of hand cranking can already last for an hour! Its highly efficient charging feature makes it the must-have flashlight of the century!

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