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Smart Bluetooth Earbuds | Voice Assistant Enabled

Smart Bluetooth Earbuds | Voice Assistant Enabled

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  • Compact earbuds that can constantly play 180 songs because it has a long battery life
  • It is small, more compact, functional, and even has a touch control feature
  • Has a smart voice assistant feature, modern design, and loud stereo sound
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours / Weight: 4g / Driver Diameter: 7.2mm
  • Battery Capacity Of Earbuds: 43mAh / Battery Capacity Of Case: 300mAh

Bluetooth Earpods Wireless Earbud

This Bluetooth Earpods is a lightweight and compact earbud that is wireless. At the same time, it offers you an active noise cancellation feature which is very beneficial. It will reduce background noise so you can play some music on your phone’s playlist or answer calls through Bluetooth connection without any distractions. This device can produce a superior sound that is clear and loud. In this manner, you can focus on the music that you are listening to. To effectively use these earbuds, you just have to connect this earbud to your mobile phone by turning on the Bluetooth from the settings. Once your phone is successfully connected, you can start choosing the song from your music library. It can come handy while doing some of your workout exercises because it is sweatproof. You may listen to good music hands-free while doing some strenuous activities.

The Benefits Of Using A Wireless Earbud

There are so many benefits that you will love if you start using a wireless earbud. It is very comfortable to use since you just plug it into your ears then you can do whatever you want to do. You don’t need to hold it conveniently with your hands because it gives you ultimate freedom of movement. Additionally, it will never disturb you because there are no wires that might fall or come in contact with your clothes and other objects. It can also pair up with any device easily without consuming too much energy from the battery. This device also offers you twelve-hour battery life and multifunctional touch control. In fact, it also has a smart voice assistant feature.

How To Use The Voice Assistant Function

To use the voice assistant function, triple touch the earbuds to activate it. This will help you open apps in a quick setting. Its Bluetooth 5.0 version can also allow you to connect your phone in a stable and quick aspect.

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