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ShOedor-B-Gone | Reusable Shoe Odor Remover Capsules

ShOedor-B-Gone | Reusable Shoe Odor Remover Capsules

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1. Air purifying and deodorizing capsules are the easiest way to keep sports fresh, dry and tasteless, gloves, shoes, sports bags, suitcases, closets and sports equipment
2. Made of highly porous bamboo charcoal, which can permanently eliminate unpleasant odors and absorb moisture, keeping shoes fresh and dry
3. No peculiar smell, no chemical substances, and non-toxic. No ladies pumps, sprays, powders, perfumes or residues!
4. Prevent mold, mildew and bacteria by absorbing excess water
5. It can be reused for up to 6 months. To rejuvenate, leave the bag in the sun for about an hour once a month

1. Beautiful and realistic Capsole shape: small and beautiful, portable; you can open it to put active mineral desiccant and aromatherapy pills
2. Growing in storage boxes and boxes. Prevent flowering and mildew.
3. ZEOLITE aluminosilicate mineral absorbs peculiar smells, and at the same time acts as a desiccant in wet shoes, clothes and spaces. Eliminate musty smell and extend the life of shoes, clothes and other textiles.
4. Ambient air flow helps to combine with unwanted particles to remove odors and absorb moisture.
5. Eliminate odors at the source instead of masking them with chemicals.
6. Very suitable for shoe cabinets, wardrobe drawers, travel suitcases

Product information:
Color :as shown
Material: ABS+ active mineral aromatherapy pills
Product size: 18*18*3cm
Product weight: 112g

Package Contents:
1 set x capsule-shaped shoe deodorant

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