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ShineFind | Handheld Metal Detector | Waterproof

ShineFind | Handheld Metal Detector | Waterproof

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【Light weight, simple operation】one third of the weight of traditional metal detectors. Equipped with a plastic elastic roll belt, belt sheath, and handbag, easy to carry or hang on to prevent falling or losing. One button to open for children operating independently.

【High sensitivity 360°detection】The metal detector allows you to grasp the metal detector horizontally to scan large areas quickly, then use precise positioning tips to narrow and precisely locate the target before excavation. The bar probe design allows you to insert a hand-held metal detector into the hole for detection.

【Precise positioning & partial waterproof】 the pinpointer help you locate smaller targets accurately and quickly. In addition, the needle pointer part is waterproof, and you can even use the needle pointer to detect something in the water (please note that the LED lamp parts are non-waterproof).

【Ratio audio and vibration indicator】Audio vibrator alarms and LED lights to detect multiple metal vibration and audio indicators to ensure that you do not miss any alarms in noisy environments. Built-in LED light, easy to operate at night.

【Broad Applications】This metal detecting pinpointer can do various types of jobs like finding coins, gold, silver, relics, jewelry to help you easily find treasures or missing metal objects whether indoors, outdoors, in-wall, sand, grass, or soil, even in an extreme temperature range of -35ºF (-37ºC) to 158ºF (70ºC).

Easy to Use

Just press the power-on button. Led will light on. When the pinpointer gets closer and closer to metal, the buzzer sound will get louder and louder. It will also vibrate.

Water and dust resistance (IP66). Metal Detector – waterproof detecting head allows you to detect in water within 0.3 feet.

metal detector


The holster and hanging strap can help to hang on the belt or backpack easily. Lightweight. only 0.39 pounds.

360°High Sensitivity

360°scan technology can help to locate metal precisely. The bar design allows you to insert the handheld metal detector into the hole to detect.

metal detector

IP66 waterproof can make the pinpointer work in a humid environment. It is partially waterproof. please don't let the water cover the above-led light.

Led Light helps a lot in darkness. Very convenient. No need to open an electric torch. Release another hand to dig.

Vibration and Buzzer Double Alarm Mode.

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