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Roll-Out Dish Drying Rack | Easy Store | Over-Sink

Roll-Out Dish Drying Rack | Easy Store | Over-Sink

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A Rack For Every Kitchen!

Our multi-purpose roll up dish drying rack gives you the flexibility you need to make the most out of your kitchen space. Who needs multiple trays and racks when you could have our to rule them all!

Simple Yet Innovative!

  • Original Design - Our innovative design allows you to roll the rack up to a small roll for easy unobtrusive storage and fits virtually all kitchen sinks!
  • Food & Dishwasher Safe- Made from a high quality 304 grade stainless steel that is dishwasher and food safe for you and your family.
  • More Room for Your Kitchen- If you lack kitchen counter space, then turn your sink into a rack where you could put your pots and pans on, or put a cutting board on top to cut your vegetables and meats!
  • All the variety you want-  Choose from 3 colors and 2 different sizes to fit all kitchen sinks!
  • Why this is for you- If you find that you lack kitchen counter space or lives a minimalist lifestyle, then this is a solution to multiple kitchen problems in a compact and easy to store package.


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, 100% Food Safe FDA grade silicone
  • Heat resistant of up to 400°F.
  • Holds up to 40lbs.

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