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PulseClean | Mini Clothing & Dish Washer | Ultrasonic | Portable

PulseClean | Mini Clothing & Dish Washer | Ultrasonic | Portable

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The Ultimate Mini Dish & Clothing Washer

Dirty dishes? Just fill a tub or sink with water and a little bit of your favorite dish soap. PulseClean does the rest, tackling stains on dishes in no time

Remote Controlled with Four Cleaning Modes

PulseClean's other cleaning modes allow it to wash and removes stains from clothes too, instantly turning it into a portable washing machine!

Compact & Portable

PulseClean fits comfortably on countertops and small tables. It can easily fit in sinks and buckets, making it perfect for smaller spaces and dorm rooms. Keep it at home or take it camping or on trips!

Sonic Pulse Cleaning

PulseClean uses sonic pulses to create thousands of bubbles that burst directly into the water, making quick work of dirty dishes and clothes.

Clean Fruit & Vegetables without Chemicals

It doesn't stop there: PulseClean can also clean away pesticides and bacteria off all kinds of fruits and vegetables, without using harmful detergents or chemicals.

Battery Powered & USB Rechargeable 

No plugs or hook-ups needed. PulseClean is battery-powered, remote controlled & charges via USB.

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