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Professional Grade Fish Gripper / Lip Holder

Professional Grade Fish Gripper / Lip Holder

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Are you tired of struggling to land fish?

Our VHOK Pro Fish Gripper Set helps you land, weigh, and release your catch with ease. Use the included fish gripper and scales to land fish safely up to and over 30 pounds.

You'll be able to land more fish with less stress, less hassle, and less time. With our pro fish gripper set, you can land, weigh, and release your catch up to 50% faster.

Unique Key Features

  • Attachable to belt
  • Special gripper design for all kinds of fishing
  • 360° rotatable wrist
  • Special positive locking jaw action holds/catch
  • Corrosion-Resistant stainless steel body
  • Built-in 35 lb. Scale & 3 feet Ruler
  • One-handed operation
  • Durable in both freshwater and saltwater fishing

Gripper Size

Single Trigger 

The ergonomic VHOK Pro Fish Gripper has a built-in spring at the front top making single-hand operation easy.

It features over-center locking and a unique jaw design that holds the lip of the fish. With the help of the inner bending jaw, it's easy to control firmly any fish mouth.

Soft Sticky Handle

The handle is coated with quality foaming EVA to make it comfortable and stable for gripping.

Full Body Molding

The VHOK Pro Fish Gripper is carved in one piece of aluminum alloy, which helps to reduce sloshing and gives high stability.

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