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Precision Electric Screwdriver LED Light Pen

Precision Electric Screwdriver LED Light Pen

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Are you still struggling when using ordinary screwdrivers to disassemble or fix tiny components?

The TRY Pen is what you need, an elegant design with such great functional performance, small, handy, and powerful.

TRY 1F the world's Newest Electric Screwdriver, a completely new working experience, just like holding a pen when you use it.
Slim aluminum alloy housing with pen shape design, built-in 2xAAA batteries can work 8 hours continuously.

A great helper for electronic repairing projects.

Auto self-locking ratchet wheel orientation, with Dual Torque 0.12/3N.m working mode.

New lithium battery power, double the efficiency of disassembling

All-aluminum body, hand-in-one dual-mode, lithium battery USB charging, 3LED shadowless lamp.

Dual power mode, double efficiency

  • Electric Mode 
  • Manual Mode

0.15/3N.M dual-mode torque with speed protection. When the screw is too tight, continue manual rotation in the electric mode, self-locking, and ratchet drive to protect the screw.

All-in-one aluminum body for a comfortable grip

The overall body is fully aluminum-integrated, with a matte-gray grey shell and a black piano key to create an elegant atmosphere.

The fuselage is 15.8M in diameter and 173mm in length. It is the same size as a normal ham. It is just comfortable in the hand and it is more labor-saving.

Charging status shows red light, full power shows the green light

What TRY can open?

1. Glasses

2. Smartphone

3. Computer

4. Hard disk

5. iWatch

6. Razor Blade

7. Gamepad

8. Drone


56 S2 alloy steel bits, easy to dismantle

  • 56 international general C4 standard batch heads, all using S2 alloy tool steel material with 4 commonly used.
  • 45mm long batch heads, so that deep hole operation without pressure. 

In addition, steel crowbars are distributed to solve the problem of daily disassembly.

Magnetic absorption box for easy carrying

  • 4 pairs of magnetic buttons, no need to work hard, a single suction, you can fasten the lid, with a white rounded
  • appearance, beauty is unparalleled. The size of the glasses case, in addition to storing a screwdriver, can
  • also store 20 commonly used bits, easy to carry.

Package includes

TRY 1F+ 64

  • (1) Electric Screwdriver
  • (56) Screw Bit
  • (1) Base,
  • (1) Magnetizer
  • (1) Suction Cup
  • (1) Magnetic Positioning Plate
  • (1) Storage Box
  • (1) USB Cable
  • (1) Sturdy Triangle Opening Tool
  • (1) Bottle of Screws
  • (1) User Manual


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