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PortiFruti | 6-Blade Portable Battery Fruit Blender

PortiFruti | 6-Blade Portable Battery Fruit Blender

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Life can be challenging at times. It can get so stressful that you can't even find time to eat appropriate meals between your daily schedule.

And, even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is frequently overlooked in a rush to get to your morning classes or employment.

Nuh-huh, not on our watch!

Start your day with an energy boost with our PortiFruti and make easy, delicious and fresh smoothies, shakes and juices while you're on the go. 

The best part, it is more like a blending water bottle which means you can drink the prepared juice or smoothie right out of the bottle.

You just can’t find anything more convenient, healthy, and better than this bottle mixer!

What you’ll get: 

  • Take it along wherever you go: The PortiFruti has SIX powerful blades, and can hold 12.5oz of liquid. 
  • Make your life easy: It's USB rechargeable, which means it's easy for you to power it up wherever you are. Make the PortiFruti your own personal portable blending tool, today.
  • Cute colors; perfect for every day: The protein shake bottle comes in different vibrant colors to get one each for your family. So, choose from blue, pink, purple, and green to complete the healthy set. :)
  • Thoughtful gift: The small blender bottle makes the perfect gift for mommies, athletes, and workout enthusiasts!


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