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Portable Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Portable Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

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Keep warm on the go and without the need for electricity with a Portable Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Liner!

These sleeping bag liners have four separate heating pads inside the back of them that plug into a USB power bank.  When used inside a sleeping bag, the heat from the pads will help warm your sleeping bag throughout the night.

These are excellent for camping, hiking, sleepovers, and many other activities!


3 Temperature Settings: High, Medium, Low

Surface Material: 100% Cotton

Liner Material: Flannel Fabric

Weight: 750g

Outdoor Comfortable Temperature: 5℃-15℃

Limit Temperature: 0℃

Size: 220*85cm

Packing: 28x14x14cm

Cycle time: 4~10hours (based on 10,000mAH power bank)

Washing Tips: Both Hand Washing and Machine Washing is acceptable.

Power Consumption: This sleeping bag liner is 9W power consumption and is best supplied by a DC 5V2A power bank. - not included

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