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Porta-Water Bowl Bottle | Dog & Pet | 18.5oz

Porta-Water Bowl Bottle | Dog & Pet | 18.5oz

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  • With this portable dog water bottle, you can now give your pet water without the need to carry a separate drinking bowl
  • This bottle has two parts: a tank to store water, and a rounded cup end that stores the water so your pet can directly drink from it
  • It has a button that controls the flow of water and a lock that prevents the water from back flowing and leaking
  • Material: ABS Plastic

Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

Every pet owner knows how important it is to keep your pets hydrated while you are taking them for a walk. That’s why you need this portable dog water bottle. This bottle has a built-in feeding bowl. So that water flows from the tank to the small bowl and your dog drinks water from it directly. There’s no need for you to bring a separate bowl for drinking because all you need is in this portable dog water bottle. This water bottle has two parts. Half of it is a water tank that stores your dog’s drinking water. While the other half is a small curved drinking bowl. This portion of the product is deep enough so your dog can properly drink water from it. It is a handheld bottle so no need for you to kneel down or bend over to give your pet its water.

Push Button to Control Water Flow

This product is designed for the user’s convenience. You don’t want to overflow the drinking bowl portion because you just need to give your dog the right amount of water. That’s why this product has a convenient push-button so you can easily control the flow of water as it comes out of the dispenser. To dispense water, you just have to push the button and it will start releasing water to the bowl end. Simply release the button when you want to stop the flow when the bowl end is full. It also has a lock feature to prevent the water from backflowing that causes leaking.

Food Grade

Animals too need clean and potable water. Good thing this product is from food-grade material. So, it is safe to come in contact with food or water. Moreover, it does not have toxic materials that may contaminate your pet’s drinking water.

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