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PoppitPad | Fidget Silicon Bubble Notebook | A5 Size

PoppitPad | Fidget Silicon Bubble Notebook | A5 Size

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Have you ever encountered a writing block? And, taking notes for an extended period causes anxiety?

Not to worry — we're here for you!

Try PoppitPad! just press bubbles in and out and reduce your stress. It features attractive colors to pique your interest and white sheets to amplify the writing.

Use this bubble notepad for a long period with its bulk of sheets.

What you’ll get

  • Minimizes overwhelming anxiety: Use the bubbles’ pop up and down option if you get stressed and feel anxious after writing for a long time.
  • Squash the fear of writing: The nice color combination gets your child in love with this notepad. The pressing bubbles stimulate your and your child's interest in writing and ensure that he or she is never bored.
  • Great notepad: Immaculate white sheets are a great way to produce lovely writing. Because it has a significant number of sheets, this bubble notepad will last for quite some time.
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