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Polarized Lens Sunglasses | Square Frames | Unisex

Polarized Lens Sunglasses | Square Frames | Unisex

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  • Polarized sunglasses for daily use
  • The perfect accessory to the beach to help protect your eyes from the sun
  • The lens material is polaroid and the frame material is plastic
  • Frame length: 65mm / Frame height: 45mm / Frame width: 145mm
  • Nose pad width: 25mm / Temple length: 140mm
  • Package Content/s: 1 x Square Sunglasses Polarized Lens

Square Sunglasses Polarized Lens

Square sunglasses polarized lens is a favorite accessory of people who are always under the sun or spend a lot of time near bodies of water. The number one reason why this is their top choice of sunglass lens is that it blocks glare from light that reflects off the water. If the glare outdoors quickly bothers you then you should purchase these sunglasses.

For Beach Trips

Being under the direct heat of the sun may strain our eyes pretty quickly. It is advisable to wear sunglasses to avoid it from happening. You will be able to enjoy a more extended time by the beach when you do not have to worry about your eyes. You can build sand castles by the shore or play catch with your friends. There are many activities that you freely can do even if you are wearing these sunglasses.

For Comfortable Driving

Some road accidents happen because the drivers are distracted by bright lights. To avoid this, you may use these sunglasses even when you are driving. These glasses reduce glare-causing reflections that will enable you to see more clearly. You can be confident that sudden thought on the surface will neither surprise you nor make you lose control of your vehicles.

For Light-Sensitive Eyes

There are also people who were born with light-sensitive eyes. Even when their surrounding is not very bright, they find it very hard to look at something. Moreover, they cannot focus on staring at something for long periods. Wearing these glasses can help these people to be comfortable while looking at something. In this way, they will have a better appreciation of their surroundings.

Suits Any Sex

These glasses are also unisex! Even if you are a man or a woman, they will surely satisfy you. The minimalist design of these glasses allows you to pair it with any outfit.

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