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PerfectLayer | Professional Cake Layer Slicing Guide | 9"-12" Adjustable

PerfectLayer | Professional Cake Layer Slicing Guide | 9"-12" Adjustable

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  • Stainless-steel ring that can cut multiple equal layers of your cake
  • Adjustable between 9-12 inches diameter
  • Solid backside to provide proper support
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Mess-free and quick operation

Our Professional Cake Layer Slicing Guide is a MUST HAVE item for anyone who loves and enjoys baking!

This easy to use cake slicer is the ideal tool for making round cakes. It's easy to expand or shrink the diameter of the rings so that you can make your own cakes in a variety of different sizes!

Convenient and adjustable, this innovative cake slicer features Stainless Steel rings that expand from 9" all the way to 12" in diameter!

It's the perfect mold for all of your DIY baking and cooking.

What you’ll get:

  • Undamaged cake cutting: The cake layer cutter features an ingenious, solid back side, which is an amazing feature that provides a solid backing for the cake to rest against while cutting, this way the cake isn't damaged in the process!
  • Multiple uses: Make gorgeous mousse cakes, pastries and breads. The Professional Cake Layer Slicing Guide is a must-have for any bakery, cake store, or home! 
  • Adjustable size: With this convenient adjustable cake ring, you can cut whatever size you want and make cakes of varying sizes with this one ingenious kitchen tool.
  • Time saving kitchen gadget: This adjustable mousse mold saves time and labor making you able to cut cake sponges in a breeze and make perfect layer cake for special events.
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