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MiniLoom Deluxe | Knitting Machine | 40 Needles

MiniLoom Deluxe | Knitting Machine | 40 Needles

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DIY Round Circular Knitting Machine Weaving Loom Kit

Are you looking for a knitting machine that can help elevate your knitting skills? Our circular knitting machine is an ergonomic gadget that weaves cloth in minutes, such as sweaters, mittens, blankets, scarves, and so much more!

You'll be amazed at how quickly this knitting machine can weave basic and sophisticated designs! Because this circular knitting machine has pre-programmed patterns, resulting in fewer human mistakes.

And did you know that this round knitting loom isn’t only made for kids but also for adults? It’s a great activity that can eventually develop into a hobby for you or your child.

This knitting machine pattern is composed of high-quality plastic, making it long-lasting and durable. Plus, it's a one-time purchase that will provide you with years of enjoyable and efficient knitting.


ACCURATE - We all know that mistakes such as dropped stitches or crooked patterns are conceivable when knitting by hand. When intricate knitting designs, using a knit machine with predefined patterns delivers astonishing accuracy.

TIME SAVER - Simply put, knitting with this circular knitting machine is 10 times faster than knitting with a needle and thread. You don't even need to be an expert to use this knitting machine properly!

PORTABLE - This knitting machine does not require batteries, and its tiny and lightweight construction. You can weave whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want!

Size: 11.81 X 11.81 X 7.28in

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