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Military/Tactical Flashlight

Military/Tactical Flashlight

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  • Waterproof and durable flashlight for outdoor adventures
  • Has different modes of lights to suit your needs
  • Variants: Flashlight / Flashlight with battery charger
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy / Power Source: one 18650 Li-ion battery or 3x AAA batteries /Max Brightness: 4000LM
  • Irradiation distance: 200-500m / Water-resistant(IPX5) : 5 grade / Shock-proof: approx. 1.5M / Length: 12.9c/ Head Diameter: 32mm / Bottom Diameter: 25mm / Net Weight: 87g
  • Package Content per Variant: One (1) Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Battery; or One (1) Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Battery with charger and battery

Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Battery

Tactical flashlight rechargeable battery is a good option of a torch if you are looking for a durable one. These types of flashlights are made for police or military use. However, you can also use them for your personal use. What is great about buying this type of flashlight is that you are sure that it is made of good quality. Therefore, it will last longer with you even with constant use.

A Good Standby Flash Light at Home

One of the things that we should always be ready is when a disaster strikes. We do not know when a great calamity will hit use. Therefore, keeping our emergency kit is essential. Aside from food and medical supplies, you should also always keep a flashlight. In this way, you can see things when it is dark. The intensity of the LED light is also very useful in the middle of a fog or a storm.

Furthermore, this flashlight has rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you do not have to keep so many batteries. You can recharge the one that you have if ever the power runs out. This flashlight also features different light modes. You can easily adjust it with a click. Once you click on the style, the light will automatically change.

Ideal Use for Outdoor Activities

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you should also buy this flashlight. You can quickly put it inside your backpack together with your other essentials. In addition to that, it can also perfectly fit inside your fanny pack. With this, you can quickly grab on this flashlight whenever you need it. This flashlight is also essential for people who go hiking and spend the night in the mountains. You need the light to find your trail. Moreover, you also need light even when you do things at the campsite.

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