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MicrowaveMate | Silicone Spillproof Safety Cover | Even Heat & Steaming

MicrowaveMate | Silicone Spillproof Safety Cover | Even Heat & Steaming

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Easily Prevent Food From Soiling Your Microwave

Eliminate the hassle of cleaning your microwave oven each time you heat up food by using the MicrowaveMate. Designed with an airtight seal, MicrowaveMate prevents moisture from getting out, keeping your food moist and juicy.

Featuring a collapsible design, the MicrowaveMate can be retracted and folded when not in use, making it easy to store in your kitchen. Best part of all, it's composed of silicone, which is not only extremely durable, but also easy to clean.

Injection hole - MicrowaveMate is designed with a water injection hole to ensure that the water does not leak out and prevent the food from being soggy or dry during heating. Not only does this feature guarantee that the taste won’t change, it also guarantees that you’ll have moist and tender food at all times. 

Heat-resistant silicone - MicrowaveMate is made of soft silicone that’s both flexible and thermally insulated. In fact, it also functions as an anti-scalding glove, so you can safely hold hot bowls or plates without worrying about burning your fingers. 

Magnetic cover - Unlike traditional splash-proof covers, our MicrowaveMate has a magnetic cover so you can attach it to the top of the microwave oven when it’s not in use. This allows you to save more space and reduce clutter on your kitchen counter or cupboard. 

Money saver - Most of the time, people use plastic wrap or paper towels as a microwave food cover. This MicrowaveMate lets you use them for other chores, which helps you save money by not having to frequently buy new rolls of paper towels or plastic wrap.

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