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Micro Portable Laundry Washing Machine

Micro Portable Laundry Washing Machine

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Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine

Do you want to wash a few pieces of laundry? With our mini washing machine and your clothing in our quality portable washing machine, you can have ready-to-wear and freshly cleaned garments. Plus, it comes with a huge and spacious tub, and is capable of washing up to four pounds of clothes with ease!

The mini portable washing machine's adaptable design makes it ideal for washing baby garments, adult t-shirts, toys, and more! Furthermore, the little washer only takes a few minutes to completely clean your garments, making it ideal for usage when you're in a hurry.

The portable compact washing machine has a simple working operation---making it the best mini washer you can ever get!

The mini portable washing machine is made lightweight and compact, making it convenient to transport when you're on the go. With the help of our superior and dependable little portable washing machine, you may wash without any problem all day!



EFFICIENT CLEANING - All the filth and grime are clinging to your garments loosens up in seconds thanks to the high ultrasonic frequency of our mini portable washing machine. This helps you conserve water and labor when washing with the portable clothes washer by reducing the number of repeat laundry batches.

PORTABLE - We designed our small portable washing machine with portability and ease of use in mind. Unlike standard washing machines, this portable washing machine has a compact size and is made with lightweight materials for easier portability and storage.

CONVENIENT - This portable washer makes it simple to wash clothes on the move, but it also uses a lot less energy than regular washers. Furthermore, because the compact washing machine allows you to wash clothes in small batches as needed, it saves you time and energy.



  • Color: white
  • Model: Wv-781
  • Washing Capacity: 3.8l
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Interface: USB
  • Input Voltage: Dc 5v
  • Input Current: 2a
  • Rated Voltage: Dc 10v
  • Rated Power: 18w
  • Forward Reverse Time: 15 Seconds
  • Ultrasonic Working Time: 60 Seconds Switching
  • Size: 17x17x17cm/6.69x6.69x6.69 Inch



  • 1X Piece Washing Machine
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