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SonicTub | Magic Ultrasonic Cleaning Tub | Portable

SonicTub | Magic Ultrasonic Cleaning Tub | Portable

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Remove stubborn dirt from your jewelry, glasses, watches and other delicate items

This is High Tech portable ultrasonic Cleansing machine that will deep cleanse your everyday useful thing like glasses, jewelry, makeup brush, watch strap, toy, tableware, razor, pen, toothbrush, whistle, etc. This portable device deep cleans all hard-to-reach areas like those we cannot commonly find. So keep your personal belongings cleaner more than ever.

Ultrasonic Jewellery and Sunglasses Cleaner - available from Keep Melbourne Marvellous Online Store

There's lots to love about the SonicTub!

Removes stains easily
Removes dirt from every nook & cranny
The cleaning effect is visible in just three minutes
Can be used on a wide variety of items

How to Use?

1. Add water. 
2.  Drop in your items and run for three minutes.
3.  Add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and/or a few drops of white vinegar.

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