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Lumbar/Back Support Brace

Lumbar/Back Support Brace

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  • Offers spinal support and back pain relief
  • Promotes proper posture and prevents slouching
  • It has an adjustable belt, breathable shoulder pads, wider support for the back and shoulders, and a secure velcro
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Size Variations:
    • Medium: 71 to 96 cm
    • Large: 96 to 122 cm

Back Brace Support Belt

Correct posture, realign the back, prevent injuries, and protect your spine using a comfortable and adjustable back brace for support. The back support belt functions to constrain the movement of the spinal column. It helps in protecting the spine from breakage and injuries. The back brace also acts as a safeguard measure against bad posture, slouching and back pain. In general, back brace supports function to decrease muscle pressure and pain. It also improves posture by evenly distributing weight in the spine. The brace is extra helpful, especially when working out, sitting for long periods of time, studying, and working.

Help Your Spine

Give your spine the help it needs using this functional back brace. The support belt pulls back your shoulders into their proper position. It promotes an excellent overall posture while you study, work and does physical activities. The belt is perfect for everywhere and anytime use. You can wear it while walking, driving, doing housework and even just by watching TV. The belt features a neoprene construction that is breathable and comfortable to wear. The support brace also comes with adjustable straps that you can freely move to fit yourself perfectly.

Perfect for Daily Use

The support belt is excellent for daily use. You can wear the belt for up to 10 or 20 minutes a day. Then you can continuously add ten more minutes every day, and your back will slowly adjust and restructure itself by building muscle memory. It will then start to learn to retain its proper alignment even without the brace. Beneficial to health, the belt also promotes right standing and sitting posture. The belt is also able to realign your back and spine to prevent pain. Lightweight and comfortable you can use this device under or over your clothing articles. It then eliminates back and neck pain and promotes overall wellbeing.

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