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LoopyFit | Hoop Fitness System | Full Body Home Workout

LoopyFit | Hoop Fitness System | Full Body Home Workout

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Fitness is always more fun with LoopyFit

If you want to improve your athletic abilities or work on your best physical condition, but you are short on time, this product's for you! No more daydreaming about what it would be like to work out with endless hours of free time. Now with LoopyFit, you can do it the easy way!

Nailing this workout is easy with our handleless, ultra-rad fitness hoop; get off the ground and move your body without any hassle! You can lose inches all over your bod.

Burn Fat Faster with "Smart Fitness Circles!"

LoopyFit Fitness Hoop is the latest exercise hoop that combines both fitness and massage functions. It can help you achieve a perfect figure by burning your stubborn body fat 2-3 times faster than a normal hoola hoop. With its soft massage string, it can be used as a cool tool in-home or gym.

Stay fit. Stay trim

It's an indisputable fact that one of the best ways to stay fit is by continuing to keep your heart rate up. But to keep your O2 usage optimal, it's important for you to find the right aerobic exercise for you. With our fitness hoop, weight monitoring is easier than ever, too!

Shed pounds like crazy

Losing weight has never been easier or more fun than with the LoopyFit fitness hoop. With this amazing product, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. This hoop is specially designed with an exercise program that is sure to get you into shape quickly and conveniently.


This fitness hoop is great for almost anyone of any age or fitness level. Don't sweat it-- LoopyFit Fitness Hoop solves all of your problems! Stay on track with self-amusement with the smart, new way to work out on the light, colorful, portable hoop. Share an easy experience with friends!

  • Before exercising, ensure the weighted hoop linking is done and wear close-fitting clothes.
  • When exercising, pay attention to the swing range of the weight ball to avoid hitting others or the furniture. At the same time, don't be too heavy when it is used for the first time.
NB**: The sports hoop ball does not contain fillers, please fill it by yourself. the user can change the number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their own bearing, For beginners, it is recommended not to exceed 200g.


  • Material: ABS
  • Function: Thin waist/shaping body curve
  • Age: All
  • Color: Pink/Purple
  • Maximum diameter: 18"
  • Small ball size: 4"
  • Rope length: 4"
  • Ssuit waist sizes less than 50"
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