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Liq4All | 6 Shot Glass Liquor Simultaneous Multi-Dispenser

Liq4All | 6 Shot Glass Liquor Simultaneous Multi-Dispenser

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  • Fills 6 shot glasses at one time
  • Made of non-toxic PLA
  • Allows you to carry 6 drinks to a table at one time
  • Great for trips and for waiters in bars

Always excited and amazed to see bartenders preparing shot glasses in the weirdest manner? Well, you can be as cool as them. This 6 shot dispenser and holder carrier allows you to prepare 6 shots at one time and that too, in an extremely cool manner. Become the star of a party with this caddy.

What you "ll get:

  • Non-toxic material: Made of PLA material, the carrier is completely safe and very durable. Wouldnt break if it falls.
  • Holds 6 shot glasses: The ingeniously-designed carrier holds 6 glasses which will be filled once you pour the liquid on the upper base. There are holes for each glass through which the liquid falls into it. 
  • Cool carrier: Prepare shot glasses on the go with the stable liquor dispenser. Even when you are traveling and feel like drinking a beverage in shot glasses, this will be effective. Also, it allows you to carry 6 glasses to a table at one time.
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