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Hovering Ball Target Gallery | Foam Dart Shooting Toy

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  • Made of high-quality flexible plastic
  • Easy to use and operates with one button
  • Works with AAA batteries (not included)
  • You get a complete 7-piece set in one order
  • Equally enjoyable for adults, kids, & the whole family
  • Easy-to-hold gun and accessible targets in floating air
  • Lightweight, easy to carry

Give yourself and the kids the enjoyment they crave with this Floating Ball Shooting Game. It is a hover shot game that involves shooting small ping pong balls with a gun. It is made with top-notch plastic material offering a target, bullets, balls and fixers. Use batteries to power it and turn on the wind to see balls floating in the air. Balls and bullets are made of soft rubber so that they are not harmful if they come in contact with a person. You can improve your shooting skills by firing from a range of 10-12m.


  • Gun and Bullets:¬†The gun provides a firm grip. Insert the bullet into the muzzle and pull it back to load it. Aim at the target and then fire.
  • Easy to operate suspension target:¬†Insert fixers in the slots and put balls on top of them. Then, turn the button on and the balls will starts floating in the air.
  • Environment-friendly and safe shooting:¬†No one gets hurt during the game as the bullets are made of soft rubber yet does not irritate the skin.
  • One button usage:¬†You can use only one button to turn on the wind and make the targets fly.
  • Work with¬†batteries:¬†It runs on 4 C-type battery cells so you can also play it outdoor as well. Kids can also carry it with them while going for holidays on farmhouses and beach houses.
  • Different wind speed for different targets:¬†The hovering ball shooting game comes with separate buttons for all fans to adjust the wind speed from high to low and vice versa.