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HD Monocular Telescope

HD Monocular Telescope

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Our Phone-compatible Monocular Telescope is a monocular with 80x100 magnification. It has high-quality optics provide high-quality image. Suitable for travel, vacation, walking, hiking, sports enjoy beautiful nature, view birds, watch sorts, general purpose.


  • DURABLE & HIGH-QUALITY: Durable, high-quality material is also suitable for harsh environments. Works well in low light and night

  • LARGE EYEPIECES: Large eyepieces, high definition, low light level night vision. Can take pictures, video. Five layers of broadband plating membrane

  • CLEAR IMAGING: Selected from BAK4 prisms, with a higher refractive index than glass, clearer imaging. HD large eyepiece design, 18MM eyepiece. The larger the objective lens, the higher the resolution, the more saturated the hue, and the greater the degree of reduction.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Eco-friendly rubber sheath, sturdy metal steel frame structure. Waterproof and moisture-proof design, suitable for all kinds of environments

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