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Hammock Chair | Cotton & Canvas Hanging Lounge Chair

Hammock Chair | Cotton & Canvas Hanging Lounge Chair

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Enjoy a cozy seat indoors or outdoors!

The Hammock Chair is an excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor space and offers a relaxing place to sit. It is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It provides the support and safety you need with its strong fabric and wood spreader bar. Hanging hammock chairs allow you to sit above the ground and enjoy the breeze in the sun or shade.

Durable wooden spreader bar

The hammock chair comes with a hardwood spreader bar. Its 31" length bar diameter is 1.4", making it more stable and stylish. With the grooves at both ends, the rope can be held tightly without slipping.

Sturdy rope

Durable polyester-cotton ropes to ensure this swing chair will never tear or break with regular use.

Comfortable material

Made of a unique blend of cotton/polyester that combines the gentle feel of the cotton and the flexibility and durability of the polyester

Soft cushion

This hammock chair swing is equipped with two seat cushions, made of soft quilted fabric for enhanced comfort, providing the comfort of a hammock paired with back support.


This hanging rope chair is lightweight and easily portable.


1. Durable and long-lasting construction
2. Stunning decoration for your home
3. Made from high-quality cotton canvas that is soft and supple
4. The rainbow style adds a special touch to the overall design
5. Provides excellent bearing force
6. Includes 2 pillows for convenience


1. Material: Terylene Cotton
2. Color: Beige / Rainbow / Blue / Green
3. Hammock Size: Wooden Rod 80*3, Fabric 100*130, Pillow 42*42cm (Same As The Hanging Chair)
4. Packing Size Of Small Outer Box: (31.89 x 6.3 x 6.3)" / (81 x 16 x 16)cm(L x W x H)
5. Weight: 4.52lbs / 2.05kg
6. Load Capacity: 90kg / 198lb

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