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Guashassage | Professional Massage Muscle Penetration Tool

Guashassage | Professional Massage Muscle Penetration Tool

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The perfect facial massager for the perfect facial massage
A daily facial massage can bring you so many great benefits! Better skin, better blood flow, slimmer and healthier looking face, and it feels SO good! The Facial Massager is a great find for everyone who cares about their face.

A wondrous helper in your routine
The double-headed Facial Massager is a guard of your face’s beauty

It’s the perfect size
At 4.33x2.36x0.39 inches in size, the Facial Massager is the perfect beauty device. It won’t take much space in your bag, and it’s very comfortable to use for anyone.

Using it is simple
Wash your face with a cleanser, add oil or moisturizer to lubricate the skin, perform your routine facial massage, wash your face again, apply skincare products to elevate the effect.

Solution for plenty of issues
Lymphatic drainage, lifting, body scraping, blood flow stimulation – these are just some things that the Facial Massager - Clear can do for a luxurious spa facial massage at home.

Made from a great material
Resin that is used in the production of the Facial Massager - Clear ensures its durability, wear-resistance, affordability, and versatility. 

Get that glow
Enjoy the incredible results of the facial massage - the results you could not even dream of! It won’t only make your face shine, but it’ll relax you as well. And put it in the freezer – and melt away while the Facial Massager - Clear coolly soothes you.

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