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Fresh Juice Portable Blender

Fresh Juice Portable Blender

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Make a fresh smoothie on the go!

You can now make a fresh juice or vegetable smoothie wherever you are with our Portable Blender.

If you're into a healthy lifestyle or just plain enjoy smoothies this is the perfect match for you!

Make your favorite fruit, vegetable, coffee or chocolate smoothies on the fly without the use of bulky blenders. 

It's a practical solution to an everyday task.


- Easy to Use: Just by a press of a button you get an instant fresh smoothie.

- Powerful Blending Power: Blends almost anything you throw at it. 

Fast Charging: Wireless charging using our USB dock.

- Long Lasting Charge: Approximately 15 blends after completely charged.   

Smooth and Quiet: Mostly imperceptible blending noise. 

- Easy to Clean: Rinse it with water and make it blend. 



Capacity: 500ml

Pulp Container Volume: 380ml 

Rating (Rpm): 15001-18000Rpm

Power: (W): 50w

Cup Body Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

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