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Expressibles! | Color & Pattern Matching Educational Group Game

Expressibles! | Color & Pattern Matching Educational Group Game

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Kids are loving this expression-matching puzzle game

Puzzles Building Block Family Play


  • Arouses curiosity
  • Keeps kids away from screens
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination 
  • Helps improve logical thinking 
  •  Fun to play & never boring
Wooden Expressions Matching Block Puzzle Toy fuses laughter and learning together to make the best puzzle game ever! The simple premise of the game is engaging and challenging, perfect for the youngest minds!

The more you play the faster your kids will start recognizing solutions to the various puzzles, developing their coordination and motor skills while having a ton of fun! 

There are 50 unique combinations that will test your skills and glue you to your seat. Get your whole family to play and let’s see who can go through their puzzles the fastest!

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