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Electric Bath & Shower Body Brush | Includes 5 Heads

Electric Bath & Shower Body Brush | Includes 5 Heads

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Helping you perform a full body massage, deeply purifying pores and removing dirt. The long handle makes it easier to reach the back and lower legs.

  • Easy to wash your whole body, the long handle allows you to easily clean any part of your body, front and back, making showering easy and comfortable.
  • Super strong cleaning ability2 gears let you clean your body easily. Suitable for all ages (Especially for people who have trouble washing their backs).

  • With 5 brush heads, you can deep clean, massage, remove dead skinrelieve tired muscles and more.
  • IPX7 waterproof and made of high quality ABS + silicone + motor, the whole body is waterproof.

Electric Body Shower Brush (with 5 brush heads)

  • Advanced Materials
    This Soft and comfortable brush can take better care of delicate skin. and immediately relieves tired muscles.
  • Includes 5 brush heads
    1. Microdermabrasion and exfoliation: the outer ring is soft, and the grinding wheel of the inner ring can deeply clean the skin (the heel of the foot)
    2. Fine-foaming: finer and more soft bristles dense for lathering (face, sensitive skin) 
    3. Foaming bath ball: soft bath ball is compatible with skin and foams (for body)
    4. Silicone massage relieves stress, relaxes and comfortably massages (for the body)
    5. Soft foaming: the soft brush head is compatible with the skin and foams (for the body)
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