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ThrowBee | Frisbee/Rope/Fetch Ball for Dogs

ThrowBee | Frisbee/Rope/Fetch Ball for Dogs

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Multi-Play with ThrowBee!

ThrowBee is a multifunctional interactive toy for owners and pets. It's a combination of a bouncing ball, interactive training ball, chew toy, and can be used for outdoor sports, entertainment and other functions. It can be used for dogs to bring multi-play fun.

The toy can be squashed from a ball to become a fly ball, drop the toy, and the ball will fly into a sphere when it lands. This product is easy to throw away, tall and stable. The interaction between the owner and the dog can better vent the dog's energy and release the dog's mental pressure.

Interactive Training Ball

There are multiple strings of pure cotton on the side of the toy. Parents can throw the toy or scoop out the ball and let the dog catch it. You can interact and play with the dog outside to improve the relationship between the owner and the dog. The owner and the dog hold one end of the nylon braided rope, which can be used as a tug of war toy.

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