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DIY Hummingbird Feeder | 3 Heads | Creative Bottle Recycling

DIY Hummingbird Feeder | 3 Heads | Creative Bottle Recycling

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Allow you to recycle your own fun bottle into a super-cool (and hilarious) Hummingbird Feeder! It includes everything but the bottle. You get the feeding flowers, the Suction Cup, Hanger, and instructions. Recycle your own bottle in under 60 seconds. HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER KIT are GREAT gift ideas :) All hand-made! Don't fill bottles with alcohol... Only HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER - and besides, it's just too darn hard to check their tiny IDs!


  • 1. Select a fun bottle you want to recycle.
  • 2. Make sure the Feeder Stopper fits into the spout. (Avoid bottles with too tight a fit as it may damage the stopper).
  • 3. Check the bottom of the bottle to make sure it doesn't have a deep punt. Flat bottoms work best.
  • (Bottles with a shallow punt will also work.)
  • 4. Clean the surface and allow it to dry, then peel off the film from the suction cup to expose the sticky surface.
  • 5. Center the suction cup and push it firmly against the bottom of the bottle, making sure to squeeze out the air bubbles.
  • 6. Fill the bottle with Nectar and hang it in a shaded spot.

Avoid using heavy bottles and ones with a deep punt. To enhance realism, you may choose to add a few drops of 100% Natural food coloring to the nectar.

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