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Desk-Side Wire Organizer | Self Adhesive | 7 Clips

Desk-Side Wire Organizer | Self Adhesive | 7 Clips

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  • Organize all you cable wires neatly and effectively with this cable tidy
  • Strong adhesive that can stick to all sorts of material
  • Secure hold to the cables and highly durable that will last for a long time
  • Size: 106mmx13mm
  • Material: Silicone

Cable Tidy Adhesive Wire Organizer

Keep your workplace neat and tidy by organizing all the wires with this cable tidy. Although we are slowly entering the wireless age, Many of our workplace and other areas uses many wires. Despite how much you clean that area, it will continue to look untidy because of the cables just dangling around. It destroys the aesthetic of a place and when the time comes you have to identify a wire, it becomes hard. Imagine when you’re trying to plug wire but you can’t seem to find the right one because there’s just too many of them. It is such a hassle and time-consuming. What if your working on your computer and some suddenly unplugs mistakenly. That would be a nightmare especially if you don’t have autosave setting. Avoid all that by using this cable tidy to tidy all your wires for you.

Multiple Uses and Functionality

As long as you use cable cords then you will need this cable tidy. From earphones, charger, TV and computer wire, and so much more. Use it to organize all the cables in your workplace and for you to easily identify them. You can also use it for your car so your charging and aux cord don’t hang just about anywhere. Place it on your nightstand as well so you can hang your earphones and charger there. Some wires get broken easily because they get stepped on. Make sure they never reach the floor by hanging them on this. That way, you will also avoid having people tripping over.

Durable and Sticks Anywhere

The cable tidy has equally strongly adhesive to any material. You can stick it to paper, wood, glass, and even marble. It is durable and flexible as well you can count on this to last long. It has a secure hold to the wires so they won’t fall off even when slightly tugging it.

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