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Dark Eye Circles Removing Wand & Cream

Dark Eye Circles Removing Wand & Cream

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ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream is a high frequency beauty instrument combines massager with high frequency vibration method to work, helps to revitalize the delicate skin under the eyes and relax your eyes. 

Eye Cream do help in alleviating computerized eye strain side effects, and for the individuals who experience the ill effects of dark circles and articulated wrinkles, eye cream can help do something amazing for these.

This is why ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream is special

  • Sonic vibration eye massager.
  • Reduce the dark circle and puffiness cause of stay up or sleepless.
  • Help to revitalize the delicate skin under the eyes, soothes and refreshes the skin for a brighter appearance.
  • Helps to open your pores of skin and allows eye creams to be absorbed better.
  • Helps to increase blood circulation and relax the eyes.
  • Eye creams will be more effectively absorbed by your skin.
  • Give you a more radiant and healthy skin.
  • Small enough to take anywhere, perfect for traveling as it easily fits in your purse or cosmetic bag, and come with a protective cap to cover the massage head.

Anne's 14 day of ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream report

35 years old Anne is young but look old because she is always stress to work. She doesn't have time for clinic and it is very expensive. That's why she tried this product. She cant believe what happened to her after she use this.

Here is the result...

Day 1

"When I stare into my dark circles, I'm always stressed out, and this has always been my insecurity. My coach recommended the ClearEye Ionic Massaging Eye Cream, and the results were fantastic. I used a good amount under my eye and was pleasantly surprised the next day. I still have a dark circle, but I think it's becoming lighter. I'll keep using this product and provide updates."

Day 7

"I've been using this stuff for a week now. I can't complain about the fantastic outcome. It maintains my undereye healthy, and see how much brighter and lighter they are. I know it rhymes, but this product is incredible!"

Day 14


How to Use:

  1. Apply enough amount of Eye Cream.
  2. Spread the cream using eye massager.
  3. Gently massage using the massager from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye for 60 seconds.
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