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Dancing Phoenix Necklace | Zirconia | Women's

Dancing Phoenix Necklace | Zirconia | Women's

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Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth.
Each Phoenix lived for 500 years at a time. And just before its time was up, the Phoenix set itself on fire. Then, a new Phoenix would rise from the ashes.
How to be a phoenix. Lose your friends. All of them. | by Kumara  Raghavendra | Fit Yourself Club
We designed a phoenix shaped necklace, paired with a dancing zircon in the middle.
It represents the inner strength. Whenever you wear this necklace, you can feel the inherited energy and power and gains strength to keep going through the toughest times.


  • Extended Chain Length: Up to 27", adjust to the length you like easily.

  • Chain length: Adjustable from 45cm to 50cm (17.72"-19.69")
  • Not Allergic: Made of S925 sterling silver
  • Non-tarnish: Platinum plating
  • Hand-Picked: AAA cubic zirconia
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