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Cordless 4" Hand Chainsaw | Lithium Battery

Cordless 4" Hand Chainsaw | Lithium Battery

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Perfect for Pruning and Light Woodworking

Need to work on smaller pieces of wood? If you want to work without ruining your timber and want a precise cut, then all you need is this mini electric chainsaw! It has a cordless design that is truly convenient to work with---allowing you to cut in various angles!

The best part is that you won't have to use any cables because our battery powered chainsaw eliminates the need for them and provides you complete control. You can make smooth cuts with the help of our cordless chainsaw.

Large chainsaws aren’t fit to be used if you are working on smaller pieces of timber or if you’re targeting specific small shapes. So, unlike those large saws, you can cut wood with our mini cordless chainsaw without ruining your hard work. 


PRECISION WORK - Working on smaller projects requires intense precision, with our battery operated chainsaw you have full control over your tool, and is simple to operate. This rechargeable chainsaw can be adjusted and it is energy efficient due to its low power use!

RELIABLE AND ERGONOMIC - The best electric chainsaw includes steel balls that don't require any additional lubrication, so you can work smoothly---in which this property lowers resistance. The cordless chainsaw's design and weight allow you to work with it for extended periods of time.

DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - The mini cordless chainsaw is made of high-quality materials and is meant to last. Even better, the little electric chainsaw lightweight design offers a portability tool that can carry with you wherever your next project is.


  • Battery x 1
  • Charger (US Plug) x 1
  • User Manual x 1


Power type: lithium battery
Rated voltage: 88VF
Rated input power: 25000 (w)
No-load speed: 2700 (rpm)
Saw chain speed: 6m/s1
Net weight: 1.5lbs / 0.7kg
Standard accessories: Standard accessories
Blade width: 0.12" / 3mm
Guide plate length: 5.25" / 133.3 (mm)
Chain Tooth Pitch: 35
Saw chain material: hardened chain
Transmission link thickness: 0.04" / 1mm

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