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Clever Deer | Forest Animal Planter Pots

Clever Deer | Forest Animal Planter Pots

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● Original Design: The design of an animal head makes it different from other planters. Both cute and stylish. 

● Variety of Styles: There are four styles to choose from. You can definitely choose a planter that fits your style.

● Wide Use: The high-quality resin material allows it to be used indoors and outdoors. Plant your favorite plants to make your space extra elegant.

● Large Capacity: Each planter has a large enough capacity. You can grow any plant you want.

● Special Gift: If you want a friend who likes gardening, then this will definitely be a special gift. She/ He will love it.

Size: 8"-10" Depending on variety


● Material: Resin

● Weight: About 600g

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