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Auto Hot/Cold Coffee Milk Frother | Home Cafe Essentials

Auto Hot/Cold Coffee Milk Frother | Home Cafe Essentials

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When the rich coffee meets dense milk froth, the soothing and gentle taste touches a feast for the tongue. It doesn't matter whether you want a hot or cold cappuccino in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter, you can easily make it. You can enjoy the fun of DIY fancy coffee at home.

Milk Frothing for Beginners 

  1. For a latte, whole milk is the best choice. Why? Whole milk froths best due to its high-fat content. This milk frother makes the silky airy foam bubbles and wet-paint texture that characterizes a latte.

  2. Clean the mug under running water with a non-abrasive cloth, making sure the underside of the milk frother and LED panel are dry

  3. The milk warmer can heat milk and increase its sweetness. Ideally, milk should be 55-66 degrees Celsius. When it gets hotter, the sweetness flavor is lost, and the proper temperature will not scald you

  4. As soon as your milk is poured, place the lid and ensure it is properly sealed. Give the plunger a couple of test plunges to ensure no milk is escaping.

Thermostat type: domestic
Volume : ~1L
Mode of use: electric
Heating speed: 4 minutes or less
Operation mode: push button
Number of pot body layers: double layer
Material: Stainless steel

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