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Auto Double Balloon Air Pump

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This electric balloon pump has two operation modes, one automatic and one semi-automatic.

Suitable for advertising balloons, promotional activities, and decorations, as well as festive scene layouts.

SAVE TIME, LESS EFFORT - You can inflate balloons easily with this Air Pump. No hassle and blowing manually using your own breath!

2 OPERATION MODES - One automatic and one semi-automatic. Please choose the right mode for different balloons. If the automatic mode is too fast, then please choose semi-automatic(press-on) mode, which will avoid blowing balloons burst.

VERY EASY TO USE - Pinch two sides of the mouth of the balloon with your fingers, cover the inflation port with a balloon, Inflate the balloon by pushing the port down, and Release the inflation port when balloon size is suitable. 4 Easy steps! After inflating the balloon you can directly tie the entrance to secure the gas inside. Very helpful and no trouble making a tie of it.

MULTI-FUNCTION - This electric balloon inflator set is great for parties, birthday parties, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduation, Christmas, anniversary, Easter, and any special celebration activity. Have an unforgettable party!