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Auto-Cleaning Makeup Brush

Auto-Cleaning Makeup Brush

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Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner Spinner Machine

Do you find yourself wasting too much time manually cleaning your makeup brushes? With our makeup brush cleaner, you can effectively clean and dries your brushes in literally just a matter of seconds! 

Did you know that makeup brushes serve as a breeding ground for bacteria that causes spots, irritate the skin, and worsen wrinkles? According to a survey, 34% of makeup brushes carried more bacteria than the typical toilet brush. Even more alarming, 44% of women have never cleansed their brushes!

What's the best way to clean your makeup brush? Professionals recommend cleaning makeup brushes once a week. Still, traditional procedures are time-consuming and untidy, leaving brushes wet and unusable for up to an hour or even up to 2 days.

Our makeup brush cleaner machine and dryer is an automatic 'washing machine' for your brushes that cleans and dries them in under 30 seconds, making them ready to use right away! 


SQUEAKY CLEAN - Old traditional ways of cleaning your makeup brushes aren’t always effective in cleaning up the dirt that you have accumulated. Cosmetic residue, germs, oil, grime, and dead skin cannot be removed with regular cleaning. They will cause secondary skin problems like irritation if you use them to apply makeup. Our makeup brush cleaner is simple to use and cleans any stains on the brush more deeply and effectively.

FITS MOST BRUSHES - We all have different kinds of brushes, so our makeup brush cleaner comes with eight rings made of silicone, so it can be stretchable to fit even better. Its hole sizes are from 3mm to 30mm, giving you plenty of options.

DURABLE AND SAFE - Do you know this is the best makeup brush cleaner? It has lightweight built but durable, eco-friendly, and abrasion-resistant—expect to be cleaning your brushes for years! To make it even better, and since you’ll be using it to dip into a water solution, it is made with an IP4 waterproof exterior. 

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