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Anti-Static Upholstery Lint Remover | Couches & Pets

Anti-Static Upholstery Lint Remover | Couches & Pets

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  • With 2-heads cleaner for more effective dust removal
  • Smaller head cleaner on one side for hard to reach areas
  • Easy to use for sofas, beds, couches and even clothes
  • Material: ABS Plastic / Size: 145mm x 100mm (L x W)
  • Package content: Couch Cleaner Lint Remover Brush

Couch Cleaner Lint Remover Brush

A couch cleaner is the best tool for getting rid of lint and fur. When you have a big house, you need a lot of people to do the cleaning. And you have to have the proper tools to use to do the task more comfortable and faster. Cleaning is essential for every home. A clean house will not only be healthier for the whole family but also it will keep your home organized. And if things are neat and held at home, accidents are not prone to happen. Moreover, it brings happiness to everyone, and you’re always ready for those unexpected guests.

Simple Tool for Cleaning

Featuring a 2-head dust remover brush that will help you lighten that cleaning workload. This simple tool can clean and remove dust from gaps in sofas, beds, couches, car upholstery and many more. For types of furniture with lint covers, this is just the perfect brush to remove unwanted fibers. A bigger cleaner on one end, and smaller on the other for those hard to reach spaces that need cleaning. It can be used in clothes too, to remove that fallen hair that sticks on your clothes. This brush is small in size, so it’s easy to use, you can carry it anywhere, and easy to keep.

Health Effects of Lint and Furs

It is best to use this Couch Cleaner Lint Remover Brush because of what pet fur and lint can do to us. Fibers, when inhaled, may irritate the respiratory area. It may cause coughing, sneezing, and even asthma attacks. Lint comes in different sizes, and the smaller they are, the more hazardous it can be to our health. And it could be more hazardous depending on how long we are exposed to it. Everyone is prone to dust exposure so to avoid having it inside our homes, make it a habit to clean those dust off with this Dust Remover Brush.

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