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Adjustable Punching Hole Saw | 1.8" to 5.1"

Adjustable Punching Hole Saw | 1.8" to 5.1"

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  • Adjustable Diameters - Our easy punching hole saw comes with multiple adjustable diameters from 1.8" to 5.1" which lets you cut holes of different diameters with just one tool.
  • Fine & Clean Cuts - The triple tooth blades clean cuts through plasterboard and softwood boards with ease and ensures fine and clean cuts with the straight tooth. Triple blade design, straight round effect, smooth cut, and burr-free.
  • Easy To Use - No complex instructions to use the hole cutter.  Adjustable in just 3 steps:
    • Loose
    • Adjusting Simultaneously
    • Fasten
  • Multiple Use - Widely used in woodworking opening, spotlight opening, plastic plate opening, DIY speaker opening, etc, but not for glass and metal.
  • Compatible Tools - The hole saw is 10mm compatible for all standard power drills and cordless screwdrivers.

Please note:

  • The cordless screwdriver is only suitable for drilling on gypsum plasterboard, while the power drill can be used on gypsum plasterboard, OSB panel, softwood, plywood and more.


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