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Chinese Meditation Drum | 6" Steel Tongue Drum

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  • Relaxing & Easy-to-use Tongue drum
  • Fabricated with Steel
  • 8 or 11 tones in D major
  • Traditional Chinese tones infused in the drum
  • A great pastime for kids
  • Available in different colors

Inspired by traditional Chinese music philosophy, this 8/11-tune Steel Tongue Drum soothes you up and satisfies the musician that lies within you. There is a total of 8/11 tunes in D major that initiates a wide range of sounds. Beat them up using the 2 drumsticks and prepare relaxing compositions.

  • 8/11 tones in D major: Prepare as many compositions as you can with the 8/11 tunes. The drum is hand-tuned and gives accurate sounds. Record your compositions and have fun listening to them.
  • High-grade steel construction: Made of durable steel, it won’t break or get damaged. Water-based paint coat is used which is completely environmental-friendly.
  • Relaxing tunes: Inspired by the relaxing Chinese music tunes, the steel tongue drum is great for medication, morning yoga or preparing for a musical performance at a bar or restaurant. Also a great pastime for kids.
  • Complete pack: The package comes with 1 x tongue drum, 4 x finger covers, 1 x carrier bag, 2 x drumsticks, 1 x manual
  • Multiple colors: Choose the one you like the most.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 inches